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Group details:

Hope on the Ground teams require a minimum of 12 people per group, unless otherwise confirmed with E=H. Youth teams should have 1 adult for every 6 students. Minimum age for participation without student’s parent present on the same trip is 12 years old. You may adjust your numbers up to 1 month prior to arrival in Ecuador. At that time, you will be financially responsible for the last number that we have from you (you will always be responsible for paying for at least 10 people unless otherwise confirmed with E=H). Please keep us informed of any changes in numbers ASAP throughout the pre-field stage. The breakdown below can be estimated at this time. We will get an exact list of participants and their gifts and talents from you as we design your schedule.

Proposed Dates of Program:

(Multiply the number of estimated participants X $100.)
If you and/or your group have participated in a trip with E=H or Youth World, please indicate when and what project/ministry you worked with.


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